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Pump & Filtration Services

Pump Services
Your water pump delivers water to your home and irrigation system. These are unique from all other pump systems and need to be treated specially. At Triangle Well Drilling, we believe that your pump system should fit the needs of your home and property. This is why we put a great deal of effort and expertise into pump system design and installation.
We design each pump system for each well and each home. Triangle Well Drilling provides only the best products to our clients; products that carry the best warranty, life spans and outperform the competition.
All of the different products that go into a completed pump system carry different warranties, here is a general outline:
  • Pumps – Warranty lengths from 1-5 years depending on product
  • Pressure Tanks – 5-year full replacement product warranty
  • Pipe – 1-year full replacement product warranty
  • Wire – 1-year full replacement product warranty
  • Accessories – 90 days up to one year on some products
Water Filtration
Water Filtration Repair
Water Pump Repairs
Filtration Services
Because the contents of the ground water in the foothills can fluctuate wildly, you need to filter or treat the water coming from your water well. Water filtration is the act of separating a solid or undesirable from the water.  Water treatment is the act of changing the water itself.
At Triangle Well Drilling, we offer many configurations of water filtration to get rid of sand, drill cuttings, pebbles and more. The most common style of separation is spin-down filtration, but we also offer sand separators, cartridge filters and drop basins. A consultation with our professionals will determine which configuration is best for your system.
Water Softening
Water softeners are most common. This remove hardness from your water and replaces it with a cleansing agent such as salt or potassium. We choose to use potassium because it is more home and skin friendly.  
Water Treatment
Other forms of water treatment include iron removal, acid neutralization, pH balance, sulfur removal, odor removal, chlorine removal, nuisance bacteria removal and clarity issues. 
Triangle Well Drilling offers a full line of Water Right products for ground water filtration. We will come to your home to test the ground water on your property. Then, we will discuss the issues with find with you and talk about the solutions available. We will give you options so that you can make an educated decision on what you want to do for your own home. On top of this, we provide filter maintenance services to reduce the likelihood of these problems.
If you have water problems or if you are concerned about your water, contact us and schedule an appointment to have your water tested.

Water Filter


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