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The most important aspect of your water well is finding the right location. There is no water table in El Dorado County; instead, we have individual fracture bases with water running through the rock formations, similar to pipelines. Drilling in the wrong location could yield a very deep well with a low gallon-per-minute output and a high pumping cost.
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At Triangle Well Drilling, we pride ourselves on finding the best location for your water well. Once the location for the water well has been determined, drilling takes place in a few steps.
1) The well is started with an 11-inch drill bit. We do this to make possible setting 6-inch casing in the well and maintaining an annular area of 2 inches for concrete poured around the outside of the casing that prevents surface water from contaminating your ground water, the concrete is referred to as your sanitary seal.
2) Once the 11-inch hole is completed into hard rock, the well is continued with a bit ranging from 6 inches to 6 inches until adequate water production is obtained. At this point, the drill bit is pulled out of the well the 6-inch casing is set and the sanitary seal is poured around the casing.
3) The final step to new well construction is setting a 4-inch liner. A liner is a protective barrier between the rock and your well pump. There are some rock formations in the county that are more structurally sound and do not require a liner. For wells that do require a liner, it is set in the hole from the surface level to the bottom of the well.
4) The drilling process varies in length depending on the wells total depth. From the time the well is started to completion, our drill professionals are in constant contact with you so you know exactly what is happening on your project.
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Well deepenings and cleanouts are a little different. Because you have an existing well, the decision must be made to deepen, cleanout or drill a new well—if your existing well’s production has failed or the well has caved in. Our water well professionals will discuss options on site, and help you make an informed decision based on your location and the probabilities of finding new water in an existing well location. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


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